Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oxford Street

Way back in the day when I smoked on the leaf
This guy told me a plan that rocked, it was neat
I know what the Beef, like you won’t believe
It’s an illegit caper in pursuit of paper
They were more successful than most have been
I done business with them before, & when I did, I got cream
So I put my backside in his ride on the seat
I rode up west with some Dons from the east
They dropped me off outside the store on Oxford Street
Parked up across the street, and watched me creep
But whilst I was on the spree, I saw defeat
I had to make a decision between go on or retreat
So I went back, but they were not there, they’d locked the jeep
I thought they were gonna watch me creep from the Jeep?
I started to feel the Heat like Malta & Crete
And when I turned around, there was a security Guard in the Street